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Vision Therapy Services

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Developmental & Binocular Vision Exams for Children & Adults
– Vision problems associated with AD(H)D and Dyslexia
– Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
– Neuro-Optometric Evaluation for congenital and acquired vision issues

Binocular Vision Therapy
– Diagnosis and treatment of strabismus and amblyopia
– Treatment of crossed, lazy and wandering eyes
– Convergence insufficiency
– Visual tracking problems
– Treatment of vision-related learning disabilities (children & adults)
– Vision issues associated with Asperger and Autism

Visual Rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Stroke
– Post Trauma Vision Syndrome (PTVS)
– Visual Midline Shift Syndrome (VMSS)

Visual Perceptual Skills Assessment
– Visual Information Processing skills
– Visual Motor Integration (handwriting)
– Sensory-Motor Integration (attention and concentration)

  • Autism is a neurobiological disorder. People with autism have difficulty processing and responding to information from their senses.
  • Many children with learning-related visual problems have 20/20 distance eyesight but cannot sustain prolonged near visual work without some visual stress.
  • Considering 80% of the information you process comes through your visual system, it’s not surprising that a vision problem can affect a number of different subjects.
  • Optometric Vision Therapy is an individualized one-on-one program of therapeutic activities designed to improve visual efficiency and correct visual perceptual deficiencies.
  • A set of standardized tests is used to evaluate your child’s ability to process visual information.
  • Procedures and exercises designed to enhance a child's ability to control eye movement and visual processing.



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