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He finally helped me get the right hard lenses, so i could see clear again! He did all the exams that needed to be done, he toke his time to see what my eyes needed, and didn't stop until he got the right one. I use hard lenses and he gave me a pair until it fit right.Very friendly environment, clean and organized office. Convenient location, (shopping center) plenty of parking space

- Merly D. - Yelp Review - 2018

I am grateful for the skillfulness and kindness of Dr. Kaplan.

I have complicated issues between my brain and my eyes due to a head injury.  Dr. Kaplan is one of the few who can manage to really help me with getting the correct glasses.  He has also helped me to retrain my vision.  He takes his job more like a vocation than a job.  One can see that he is truely interested in how the eyes work and is always seeking more knowledge on the subject as it comes available.  He is also very patient.  So often I feel rushed by eye doctors flipping through lenses.  I have never felt that way with Dr. Kaplan.  Go to him for your eye exam and glasses, you will be in great hands.  His office staff was also wonderful and gave me all the help needed to make the insurance billing effortless for me!  Thank you so much Mill Valley Optometry!  Worth the drive from Sonoma County!

- Vicki V. - Yelp Review - 2018

Dr Kaplan is the best!

I have never had vision problems until recently when my eyes started itchy and burning like crazy. I was at my wit's end and called Dr. Kaplan spontaneously. His super kind and helpful assistant helped me figure out my eye coverage for insurance (for an hour!), got me in right away, and Dr. K missed his lunch to help me with my eye burning issue. He was kind, super informative and most of all, a day later, my eyes are 85% better, and I am certain they will get 100% better soon. Most impressively, Dr K just emailed me to see how I was doing this morning. When is the last time a doctor did that? For me, never! Hopefully I will not have to go there again soon, but if I did, it would be a pleasure. What a valuable member of the health & Mill Valley community. Katy Higgins

- Katy H. - Yelp Review - 2017

Thank goodness!

I finally found a doctor that will take the time and care to fit my eyes, lifestyle (don't want glasses yet!!!) and patience to find the right fit and prescription. When  I call the front office, I  usually find a way to squeeze into the schedule within a day or 2.

- Bobbi C. - Yelp Review - 2017

Prior Years:

“During six months of vision therapy, my son has become a more confident ready and a better performer in team sports. Dr. Kaplan seems to have immediately capture his interests and imagination in the exercises they do at the appointment. He works with my son in an easy manner, genuine enjoyment and interest.” – Bob S.

“I appreciate Dr. Kaplan’s dedication and thoroughness. Right on target, Alex reached his objectives. My son now drives, reads for pleasure, and interacts more with the world as a direct result of Vision Therapy! He is reading the New Yorker and not just for the comics. Alex opted to continue beyound the four month mark to make further improvements.” -Robin L.

“What impressed me the most was Dr. Kaplan’s whole body, whole child approach. From the questions he asked to the variety of activities he utilized, Phoebe’s whole being was involved in the therapy, not just her eyes. …He is thoroughly professional and knowledgeable yet he is relaxed, gentle, affirming manner created a comfortable environment in which Phoebe felt safe to try, struggle and be honest.” – Jodi B.

“The speed with which we saw results was amazing. Literally, after two sessions, she was transformed from a child who hated reading to a child curled up with a book, enjoying being able to read a story without having to stop as her eyes no longer ached.” – Caroline S.

“Since starting vision therapy at your clinic I have noticed a great improvement in Angelina’s visual skills and school work. She has better eye contact, gets less tired, and does school work faster with her glasses on. I have also noticed that her social skills have been improving. He teachers are very impressed that her reading level has improved and her general academics have gone up. -Angelina’s dad

“Prior to vision therapy with Dr. Kaplan, our son experienced difficulty with visual tracking during reading. Dr. Kaplan’s diagnosis helped us understand why reading was so tiring and stressful for our son. Through a great deal of hard work both at Dr. Kaplan’s office and at home, our son’s ability to focus has been greatly improved. We were impressed with Dr. Kaplan’s technical skill and knowledge of vision therapy. He was encouraging to Ethan, and committed to making vision therapy interesting, effective and fun.” – Ethan’s Mom

“Alex and I thank you for diagnosing and treating Alex’s vision/reading problem. Without your help we would never have known Alex’s headaches and reluctance to read were related to vision. The greatest gift was the vision therapy exercises. He enjoyed the eye exercise games even though they were tiring. His cognitive abilities improved, too. The logic and geometric games helped him solve math problems faster.” – Todd M.

“I want to tell you how much you have changed my life. Before being under your care, I wasn’t aware that I was having vision problems; I didn’t know it wasn’t normal to NOT be able to steadily focus on something, like a word on a page or a bird in a tree. The feeling was hard to describe – it was like my eyes were competing against each other instead of working together. I became a procrastinator. I hated looking through binoculars and telescopes. Today, I feel like a whole new person. With your diagnosis and correctly prescribed prisms in my glasses, I can truly see clearly now. The simple act of seeing is now a calm experience. You asked thoughtful questions and treated me with respect.” – Sarah P.

“Thank you, Eliot for your very professional and efficient work. Six sessions of vision therapy really improved my vision performance. I used to feel a lot of fatigue in my eyes and my vision was blurry after a work day. Today the symptoms disappeared and my vision got easier. I learned all kinds of simple and smart exercises that truly make a difference in our daily life. I wish everyone to experience vision therapy.” – Julia


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